Colors, fabrics, gems and stones – in three days, Boston is kicking off its 20th Fashion Week at the W Hotel. This year’s annual fashion celebration takes a look at how fashion blends with Arts and Culture, Science and Tech. Topping it all off, BFW is taking place during Hispanic Heritage Month – leaving it safe to say that Boston Fashion Week 2014 will surely stand out from the others.

“It’s all about content,” says BFW founder, Jay Calderin. “That’s something people tell me about Boston Fashion week, it’s all about the clothes – not just a fun party.”

In addition to bringing back the Fashion Show as a launch vehicle for new designers, Calderin hopes to bridge fashion into all of Boston’s communities, with events happening all over town. And with over 40 events taking place during the week, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

So, just how do you prepare for Boston’s most stylish week?

Calderin suggests that BFW guests curate their experience for the week, stating specifically that “Everybody is a fashion person, fashion is a lifestyle.”

Fashion consultant, event producer and the brains behind The Stylist Closet, Terri Mahn, agrees with Calderin’s sentiments.

“Wear the outfit that you feel best in,” says Mahn. “The outfit that you feel you could conquer the world.”

Mahn, who’s working on several events this year like The Launch and Expression: The Faces of Boston Fashion, specifically had style tips for men.

“The biggest mistake I run into with men is sizing. Just because you’re over six-feet tall, doesn’t mean you’re a 34 long,” says Mahn, while also noting that men, in general, are starting to pay more attention.

“They’re starting to experiment with fashion. You don’t always see the same Ray-Ban style sunglasses, they’re branching out. Boston men love color.”

Ready-to-Wear fashion designer and New York Fashion award recipient, Daniel Hernandez, who will be showcasing his 2015 collection during BFW, called the week an “invitation to get creative and fashionable.”

Known for his “smart line,” Hernandez suggests timeless pieces, looking at his own use of classic fabrics like tweed and wool for items like capes, purses and jackets.

For fashion designer, Luke Aaron, it’s all about shapes, silhouettes and architecture.

“Strong shapes are new for me. There’s always a mix of the modern with the authentic” says Aaron. He suggests people dress with a very classic look, “classically elegant.”

Fashion stylist and personal shopper, Nathalie Fanfan, who will be hosting an event at one of her favorite boutiques, LIT, suggest mixing and matching. Fanfan encourages people to mix old items with new pieces and high/low shapes.

The famed Ministry of Supply will also be at BFW 2014 – showcasing (and testing) their made-for-your-body-at-the-moment clothes.

“We’re building a seasonless wardrobe,” says Jarlath Mellet, Design Director for MoS.

Mellet and MoS co-founder, Kit Hickey, described the MoS aesthetic as clean and modern – encouraging people to not just try on the clothes, but test them out as well. Phase changing materials, moisture wicking fabrics, the MoS team suggested that guests bring more than just their fashion sense.

“Come curious for how clothing will be in the future,” said Mellet. “Because it’s happening now.”

Fine jewelry designer, Nevena Bentz, will be showing off two collections at Itadaki, in an event that combines mixed-media art, fine jewelry and fire.

“I want people to open their minds with jewelry they’ve never seen before,” says Bentz, “ that you dress comfortable and express individuality.”

Syna’s Collection and Shubrah Designs have teamed up this year for a collaborative event that’s bringing together jewelry and clothes.

“I wanted to bridge the gap between imitation and real jewelry,” says Twinkle Morbia Gautam, Syna’s Collection designer. “I wanted to collaborate with someone who cares about fabrics.”

Shubrah, who makes clothing out of recycled saris, stated that she wanted to collaborate with Twinkle because of her intricate jewelry design.

Both designers expressed a want for guests to be comfortable, fashionable and trendy.

Boston Fashion Week can be hectic for the uninitiated and pricey for those without a guide. To make it a little easier for everyone, here’s a list of not-to-be-missed events for BFW14 (hopefully you managed to snag tickets to the invite-only ones). And remember, fashion is more than just what you’re wearing.

As the BFW founder put it, “It’s lifestyle. Lifestyle is something you want to wear.”

List of events:
Sunday, Oct. 5

Event Name: The Launch

Event Type: Official Opening Night | By invitation only

Location: The W Hotel

Time: 6:00 pm


Event Name: A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand

Event Type: Launch Party/Shopping | Invite Only

Location: Liquid Art House

Time: 6:00 pm

Monday, Oct. 6

Event Name: VanaVain Vintage Trunk Show

Event Type: Mixer/Shopping | RSVP needed

Location: Forum

Time: 6:00 pm

Event Name: Copley Catwalk Series (featured school: School of Fashion Design)

Event Type: Runway | Open to public

Location: Copley Place – Center Court

Time: 6:30 pm

Tuesday, Oct. 7

Event Name: Caramelo Clothing Co. presented by The Stylist Closet (BFW anchor event)

Event Type: Runway – Menswear | Free

Location: Petit Robert Central

Time: 6:00 pm

Event Name: Daniel Hernandez Ready-to-Wear Collection 2014-15 presented by DH Studios

Event Type: Runway | Ticketed

Location: Venu Boston

Time: 6:00 pm

Wednesday, Oct. 8


Event Name: St. Germain Boutique Fashion Presentation presented by Luxe Boutiques

Event Type: Informal Fashion Presentation | RSVP needed

Location: Copley Fairmont

Time: 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Event Name: Science of Style: Designing Fashion with Tech Elements presented by Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Kit Hickey and Aman Advani

Event Type: Social/Interactive

Location: Ministry of Supply H1

Time: 6:00 pm

Event Name: Copley Catwalk Series (featured school: MassArt)

Event Type: Runway | Open to public

Location: Copley Place – Center Court

Time: 6:30 pm

Event Name: Luke Aaron Spring/Summer 2015 Collection presented by Luke Aaron

Event Type: Exhibition | By Invitation only

Time: 7:30 pm 

Event Name: LIT Boutique Modern Mixer presented by Nathalie Fanfan Fashion Stylist & Personal Shopper

Event Type: Shopping/presentation | By Invitation only

Location: LIT Boutique

Time: 8:00 (presentation starts at 8:30)

Thursday, Oct. 8th

Event Name: Élysées Boutique Fashion Show presented by Luxe Boutiques

Event Type: Informal fashion show | RSVP needed

Location: Mandarin Oriental Boston

Time: 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Event Name: Nevena Bentz Jewelry Trunk Show presented by NOA Gifts Boston

Event Type: Informal fashion show | RSVP needed

Location: Itadaki

Time: 6:00 pm

Saturday, Oct. 11

Event Name: Exotic Jewelry Runway Presented by Syna’s Collection

Event Type: Informal Fashion Show | RSVP needed

Location: Tantric India Bistro

Time: 3:00 pm (show at 3:30 pm)

Event Name: Shubrah presented by Shubhra Designs, LLC

Event Type: Informal Fashion Show | RSVP needed

Location: Tantric India Bistro

Time: 3:00 pm (show at 4pm)

Event Name: EXPRESSION: The Faces of Boston Fashion Presented by The Stylist Closet & Fashion Group International of Boston

Event Type: Exhibit/Official Closing Night Event | Tickets only

Location: W Hotel

Time: 8:30 pm