Say what you will about Boston’s buildings, but there are some spectacular feats of architecture around town: The State House. The Hancock Tower. The ICA. And…various doors?

Yes, doors.

They are the unsung heroes of the buildings around town and they’re under-appreciated. Or they were, until the Boston Door Project showed up.

The Boston Door Project is a social media “movement” (of sorts) that’s looking to draw attention to the best, brightest, most-decorated, and overall prettiest doors in Boston.

It’s an Instagram account and a hashtag, and here’s how it works:

People around Boston take photos of doors that catch their eye. They post it to their respective Instagram accounts with the hashtag “BostonDoorProject.” Then, the not-yet-identified administrator of the Boston Door Project Instagram browses this hashtag and reposts their favorite doors onto the official BDP account.

It’s that easy. Anybody with a smartphone and an Instagram account can take part.

Since launching the account on December 9, the Boston Door Project has amassed over 1,000 followers, and that number continues to grow as the “movement” gains momentum.

Hop on this bandwagon. Let’s document Boston’s buildings through the seasons, people.