It hasn’t been a great few months for the NFL. I guess if you don’t count the Ray Rice fiasco (and Commissioner Roger Goodell’s ham-fisted non-apology), the weekly player arrests for domestic violence, the losing battle over the Washington football team’s racist nickname, and the league’s repeated claims that concussions totally aren’t that big of a deal, things haven’t been that bad.  Lucky for us, Canton-born comedian Bill Burr (most recently seen on “Breaking Bad”) knows who’s to blame for the NFL’s woes — women, and their incessant attempts to ruin everything held sacred by real American men.

Beyond Burr’s spurious claim on Conan O’Brien’s show that women can never be happy, he blames them for  football players spending a month “dressed like newborn baby girls” (you know, breast cancer awareness month, one of the few times the NFL shows a modicum of interest in their sizable female audience).

Yes, Burr is considered a “comedian’s comedian,” an old-schooler who came up in the Boston comedy scene and speaks truth to power, but in this case, his claim that women don’t even like football has been proven to be demonstrably false, with the league claiming women account for 45% of their total viewership. So what do you call someone claiming to speak truth to power who doesn’t say anything true? Answer: an asshole.