The Boston Center for Adult Education is a fine institution here in Boston, but whoever named this class is either a marketing genius,¬†or extremely mixed up. The nonprofit eduction center, which offers courses on just about every topic you could justify as being educational, is now enrolling in a summer class on the wonders of encased meats, aptly and noticeably titled “Sausage Fest: A Night of Sausage Making.”

Now this ain’t no $5-at-the-door BU frat party, so please forgive me if I got your hopes up.¬†Instead, this class will teach you how to stuff your own wieners so you don’t have to pay someone else to do that for you. And lucky for you, this is also somehow a BCAE Staff Pick, which means that it’s discounted, so you can grab a bunch of your pals and all play with your sausages together (last one, I swear).

You can sign up for this class, or the many others that BCAE is offering this year right here. It does warn, however, that the class will use pork, nuts, and alcohol too, so if you’re allergic to having a few drinks and playing with your pork and nuts, you probably shouldn’t attend (okay, that was it, I promise).