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Brunch is where it’s at. When else is it acceptable to sleep in until noon, show up in your PJs, eat fries with your eggs, and recount the previous night’s adventures (or misadventures) – all while getting your drink on? Luckily for us, Greater Boston features some top-notch brunches for whatever you’re craving. Even anti-brunchers will find these hard to resist – just think of it as a really spectacular late breakfast. Because, uh, that’s what it is.

For gorging

Forget any idea of a light meal at The Gallows – if you go, you’re in it to win it and there’s no looking back. You either exit this place feeling like the Octomom or you fall into a food coma-induced sleep and never leave.

The menu changes weekly except for a few staples like the scotch egg, pulled pork corn muffin, and the “our way burger” – because, really, who says you can’t eat a burger at 10  a.m?

Soak up the previous night’s mistakes with a plate of sunrise poutine ($15): scrambled eggs, fries, gravy, cheese curds, and Canadian bacon – or channel your inner Ron Swanson and order the Rarebit ($14), a big plate of Canadian bacon, fried eggs, brioche. Then, try to smush yourself into a taxi, head home, and promptly roll back into bed. (The Gallows, 1395 Washington St.,  Boston. 617-425-0200)

For getting all fancy

Pinky up! If you’re one of the few to wake up feeling functional, throw on something that isn’t a onesie and treat yourself to a fancy French brunch at Gaslight. Don’t let the word “fancy” fool you, though. Somehow, this elegant little eatery is serving up brunch at a very reasonable price. For a maximum of just $9.50, you can dine like les Parisiennes with a plate of crepes ($9.50), a truffled scrambled egg tartine ($8.50), or poached eggs a la bearnaise ($9). For a more filling meal, consider the Berkshire pork hache with confit pork, crispy potatoes, chili sauce verte, and fried eggs ($14.75). (Gaslight, 560 Harrison Ave, Boston. 617-422-0224)

For chicken and waffles – ‘nuff said

The genius who thought up this combination must have been hungover. The medicinal properties of this dish may only be viable on a good ol’ Sunday morning, when you’re feeling a headache that could slay a small animal and all you want is a plate of satiating goodness.

The folks at Local 149 will serve you up some serious comfort food: chicken and waffles with warm maple syrup, nutmeg butter, and apricot jam ($17). If that’s not exactly up your alley (somehow), try the local French toast, with blueberry sauce, warm syrup, and whipped cream ($10). Other options include a crispy beignet ($7) or a lobster macmuffin ($14).

If Local 149 is out of reach, do not fear – there are other restaurants just as ready and willing to fatten you up. M3 in Somerville serves up buttermilk fried chicken wings with toasted pecan waffles and apple butter syrup ($11) and Trina’s Starlite Lounge serves its chicken and waffles with hot pepper syrup. (Local 149, 149 P St.  Boston. 617-269-0900; M3, 382 Highland Ave., Somerville. 617-718-6666; Trina’s Starlite Lounge, 3 Beacon St., Somerville. 617-576-0006)

For bathing in hot sauce

If you’re one of those “Sriracha on everything” people, try Masa. The menu at this chic South End eatery is overrun with words like “chipotle,” “jalapeno,” and “chile-dusted” – even the cocktails. The Santa Fe-style eggs Benedict ($9.95) is topped with avocado and green chile hollandaise sauce and the Southwest cobb salad with chipotle-herb grilled chicken ($11.95) is served with a buttermilk jalapeno dressing. Not everything is spicy, though. If your friends aren’t into the whole “mouth on fire” thing, advise them to try to the Jalisco chocolate chip pancakes with mango butter and maple syrup ($8.95) or the caramelized plantain empanada with Mexican cinnamon cream cheese ($2.95). (Masa, 439 Tremont St., Boston. 617-338-8884)

For day-drinking

There are those who feel that drinking is best left for Friday and Saturday night, and there are those who commit themselves to some level of inebriation for the entirety of the weekend. If the latter description hits closer to home or you’re going for a “hair of the dog” thing, head to Deep Ellum in Allston.

Known for its extensive list of craft beers and craftier cocktails, Deep Ellum attracts expert drinkers on the regular. You may not be aware, though, that they serve up a satisfying Sunday brunch. Accompany a breakfast burrito ($8) with a classy morning cocktail … or two … or five. (Deep Ellum, 477 Cambridge St., Allston. 617-787-2337)