Winter arrived in Boston Tuesday morning as the city was pelted with a hearty amount of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. And after facing a record-breaking warm front at the beginning of the season, Bostonians were excited about the changing weather–apparently, in part, because it’s finally time to wear boots.

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Amidst posts about awful traffic delays, photos of snow-covered houses, and jokes about grocery stores selling out of bread and milk, another wintry trend popped up online: boot selfies.

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The core elements of a boot selfie are: boots (this is important!), a snow and/or slush-covered ground (to explain why you’re wearing the boots), black pants (they’re in just about every single photo), and a clever caption.

Stylish socks are optional, but advised.

You can take part in the boot selfie trend with something other than boots, but we wouldn’t recommend it. City streets are very wet and very treacherous right now.

Somehow, these guys pulled it off:

And this trend is not limited to humans.

After the snow lets up on Tuesday, we may not see another flurry for quite some time, so the window of opportunity for a boot selfie will close for a while. Hustle up and snap those Bean Boots, Beantown. And when you do, make sure to file your pictures with #BostonDotCom for a chance to appear on our official Instagram.