Yesterday, we got the first look at promotional stills from the upcoming Whitey Bulger film Black Mass, featuring Johnny Depp as the notorious Boston gangster at the height of his reign yesterday. A dead body, the city skyline, and Bulger’s ominous glare, those photos were pretty scary stuff.  But now it’s time for the trailer, which is at least 20-times more terrifying.

Depp’s Bulger delivers a nail-biting interrogation about loyalty and trust, while a montage of the Winter Hill Gang’s many dirty deeds plays in the foreground. 

We also catch a glimpse of Bulger checking himself out on the front page of The Boston Globe.

Just prepare to never give up your family’s secret steak marinade recipe to another person ever again.

Black Mass arrives in theaters Sept. 18.


Photo via Claire Folger for Warner Bros.