It’s the weekend after the marathon, so I’ll forgive you if you need to take a breather and recover. But I still tracked down plenty of fun stuff for you to do. Hey, that Local Events Roundup Pulitzer isn’t going to hop up on my bookshelf all by itself. Also, I don’t own a bookshelf, and I’m not going to stop working hard until I get one.

Thursday, April 23 – Black (W)hole
Even the most science-averse among us can admit to a fascination with black holes. Whether it traces back to an episode of 3-2-1 Contact or sci-fi movies like Interstellar, black holes are just cool. Celebrating Einstein commemorates the 100th anniversary of the theory of relativity with a series events including Black (W)hole, an interactive experience in which the viewer becomes immersed in a field of stars accompanied by the visual and auditory re-creation of a black hole and the abstract equations that describe it. Don’t worry about the equations; they’re not going to be on the test. There’s not going to be a test. I would never recommend any events that require a test. The free exhibition runs through May 10 at the Central Square Theater. (Various times, FREE, all ages)

Friday, April 24 – “The Burning Boards”
Brandeis University’s annual Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts showcases nationally acclaimed performers and visual artists together with music, dance, theater, film, and artwork by more than 300 Brandeis students and alumni. Friday night’s featured event is the New England premiere of Glenn Kaino’s “The Burning Boards,” a chess competition in which thirty-two players, novice and expert, compete using burning candles as chess pieces. Probably what happened was the artist’s mom told him never to play with fire when he was a kid and he spent the next three decades plotting his revenge. How do you like me now, ma? (7:30 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Friday, April 24 – The Barbazons LP Release Show
Local rockers The Fagettes recently adopted a new moniker: The Barbazons. They’ll celebrate the new moniker and a new record, Avec Plaisir, at Friday night’s LP release show at the Middle East Upstairs. Also on the bill are Doug Tuttle, Atlantic Thrills, and Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, who also recently changed their name from “Snuggly Puppies” to sound way more badass. (8 p.m., $10, 18+)

Friday and Sunday, April 24 and 26 – A Dark Knight in the Asylum
The Batman series transcends genre, succeeding as comic books, live and animated TV series, movies (the Tim Burton ones), and films (the Christopher Nolan ones). What’s the only thing missing from all of those? People taking off their clothes, of course. The Slaughterhouse Sweethearts burlesque shock rock troupe returns to Club Oberon with their annual Batman-themed A Dark Knight in the Asylum: A Villanous Burlesque. Just imagine a sultry Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, the Penguin…OK, probably not you, Penguin, you’re grotesque and smell like raw sewage. (10:30 p.m. and 8 p.m., $15-20, 21+)

Saturday and Sunday, April 24-25 – East Boston Open Studios
Is this the year you finally make good on your promise to explore the less-familiar Boston neighborhoods? You spent the winter exploring less-familiar Netflix genres (“Oscar-winning Irreverent Dance Comedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead”) and now the weather’s nice enough to walk more than two blocks from the T. Of course, neighborhoods you just found out about have long been home to artists in search of cheap rents, as evidenced by this weekend’s East Boston Open Studios. The Atlantic Works Gallery welcomes the public to the workspaces of more than 20 artists who call Eastie home, and who would never, ever call it “EaBo.” It’s bad enough we let SoWa happen. (12 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Sunday, April 26 – Boston Tweed Bike Ride
Do you have a need? A need…for tweed? The Greater Boston Vintage Society and the Boston Cyclists Union team up for the spring Boston Tweed Bike Ride. Join the group of cycling sartorialists as they ride out from Copley Square through the city, pausing often for pictures (IG hashtag #herringboner). I know, isn’t this a little ridiculous? Dedicating a group bike ride to dressing up in tweed, which is obviously more of a fall fabric? Not if you pair your tweed sportcoat with crisp chinos and a sharp button-down in a spring color, maybe a robin’s egg blue. The riders will stop for a picnic and maybe a pint afterwards. (11 a.m., FREE, all ages)

Sunday, April 26 – Taste Test Comedy
No one likes you when you’re hungry, especially not the comedians who want you to laugh at their jokes. If you can’t handle the responsibility of feeding yourself, Taste Test Comedy is back with another show combining comedy and food. Sunday at ImprovBoston, Taste Test Boston: Women in Comedy Festival Edition features snacks from CloverHFi, Clover’s new 24-hour Central Square location, plus jokes from Aparna Nancherla (Conan, Comedy Central) and Anna Drezen (MTVu, Reductress) and improvised songs and freestyle raps about rosemary fries by Rachel Rosenthal and Evan Kaufman from North Coast. (5 p.m., $12, all ages)

Photo credit: Esteban/Creative Commons


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