Welcome to the Monday Morning Bellyache, where each week we find some of the sorest losers from this week’s Patriots game. Today, we look at 25 extremely unhappy Bills fans, including one who wants to fight Tom Brady, one who wrote an entire Bon Jovi parody about how bad their team is, and one who thinks the team should sign racist bully Richie Incognito to make the offensive line truly offensive.

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First off, when in doubt, blame the refs

Because you know they’re always biased against your team

It’s part of a big conspiracy…

…and everyone’s in on it.

One guy even blamed the fan base for being too poor
…because pricing our your fan base would be a great way for the Bills’ new owner to show some love.

Then again, the fan base doesn’t seem to have the best spellers

…and think they can fight Tom Brady?
Yeah he’s 6’4, 225 lbs but he had long hair once SO I’LL KICK HER CRYBABY ASS!

…and want to sign racist bully Richie Incognito.
So maybe that guy has a point.

But you know who has the REAL bad fans? The New England Patriots

They’re a bunch of sore losers…

…and bullies and cheaters…

Plus Tom Brady wouldn’t be 23-2 against the Bills if they weren’t such cheaters!
Remember the ’90s?!? People forget about those glory days when the elite Buffalo Bills lost 4 straight Super Bowls

But the NFL is all fixed anyways

All 23 of those victories were part of the conspiracy, too.

Have we mentioned the refs yet? I feel like we should be talking about the refs.

Some Bills fans blamed the head coach instead.

Others took to Twitter to get their offensive coordinator fired.

And they’ve already got the perfect replacement lined up.

One guy even suggested the cornerbacks and safeties try a “cleanse” of sorts…

After all their anger, Bills fans reached the next stage: Grief.

Their new owner (who also owns the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres) has two terrible franchises.

They’ve had a lot of heartbreak over the years…

…and not a lot of success against the Patriots.

Aww :(

One fan even wrote an ENTIRE SONG about how bad they are.
Set to the tune of one-time Bills prospective owner Jon Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive.”

Better luck next time Bills. We mean it.