Karen and her 9-year-old daughter were abused by Karen’s husband for years. Now, they’ve found help from an unlikely source.

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They call themselves B.A.C.A — Bikers Against Child Abuse — and they’re a 3,000-member organization dedicated to protecting children.

Their motto is “No child deserves to live in fear,” and the group aims to help needed families “feel empowered so they can enjoy their childhood.”

“If a child has problems sleeping or afraid to get on a bus or afraid to go to school, we’re there,” Happy Dodson, president of the Connecticut chapter, said. “We’ll take you to school, we’ll catch the bus, we’ll pick you up when that bus drops you off, we’ll take you home. If need be, we’ll stay in that yard until you feel comfortable.”

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“It was nice to know that all of these people were on [my daughter’s] side,” Karen said. “She had that backup, you know, and that she wasn’t alone.”