If you’re tired of digging through old VHS tapes to find all of the old holiday specials you recorded when you were a kid, check out these new releases on Netflix Instant stream. Some are good, some are bad (but maybe worth watching anyway). And hey, if all else fails, you can use them as a necessary distraction from family time over this holiday week.


“The American” (2010)

George Clooney tends to do thrillers pretty damn well (see: “Ocean’s Eleven” or “Gravity”) and this one has Clooney venturing to the Italian countryside and enjoying the company of the stunning Violante Placido.

“My Week with Marilyn” (2011)

Michelle Williams got Oscar nods for her spot-on portrayal of the iconic pop culture symbol. It also put Eddie Redmayne on the map before “Les Miserables” made him a star.

“Crystal Fairy” (2013)

Michael Cera sheds some of his awkwardness… wait, no he doesn’t. This time he plays a shaggy American in Chile searching for a rare hallucinogen to trip on.

“The Iceman” (2013)

Devoted husband and father by day, dangerous hitman by night. The always-amazing Michael Shannon plays Richard Kuklinski, a.k.a. (you guessed it) “The Iceman.”

“I Am Not A Hipster” (2013)

Sure you’re not. This indie documentary explores the San Diego music and arts scene, and features all original song performances.

“Burn” (2012)

Real thrills aplenty in this documentary that vividly captures life on the front lines of the Detroit fire department from one of the city’s craziest years.


“Red Dawn” (2012)

With your city under attack by foreigners, would you really want to put the its fate in the hands of Chris Hemsworth and Josh Peck?

“Killing Season” (2013)

Casting isn’t always everything. John Travolta and Robert DeNiro front this one-on-one war story but it just didn’t work. Oh well, there’s always “Meet the Fockers 10.”