Netflix is offering up slim pickings in its new instant stream choices this weekend, but there are still some solid options, especially if you’re into sci-fi or thrillers. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a laugh, there isn’t much in the new releases. Andf you’re in early holiday mode, maybe last week’s list is better to consult. Whatever you do, avoid Rob Schneider.


“Skyfall” (2012)

Most James Bond movies are well worth watching, and Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem make “Skyfall” one of the best 007 flicks in recent memory.

“What Maisie Knew” (2013)

Julianne Moore stars in this drama about a custody battle told through the eyes of the 6-year-old title character played by Onata Aprile.

“Only God Forgives” (2013)

Ryan Gosling is in it. At least half of you will watch it for that reason. But it’s also a reunion for Baby Goose and “Drive” director Nicolas Winding Refn. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that good.

“Robot & Frank” (2012)

Frank Langella stars in this sci-fi dramedy about the relationship between an old man and his robot helper.

“Europa Report” (2013)

Moons of Jupiter? Possible alien life? Hidden space oceans??? Sci-fi fans, take notice. This one actually got good reviews.


“InAPPropriate Comedy” (2013)

This sketch-based comedy film actually has a pretty eclectic cast, but then you get to Rob Schneider and there’s really no need to go any further. Here’s hoping he turns into a carrot.

“The Lifeguard” (2013)

This Kristen Bell drama missed the mark with critics, but could be a nice guilty pleasure for those looking for a wrought-with-emotion flick