Even if you have the dream job of working with Tom Brady every day, a little break is always a welcomed bit of news. As was proven by this this post-game locker room exclusive from after the Patriots’ big win over San Diego Sunday night.

After the victory, Bill Belichick showed a rare amount of emotion, commending the team for its preparation, and its solid work on the road. With spirits already high, he delivered the early holiday gift that the team had been hoping for: a day off. The Patriots normally have Tuesday off, so the addition of a free Monday was a nice reward for a job well done.

As you can see, the team responded with great excitement– An excitement only matched in a football clubhouse when new uniforms are presented.

The Pats take on the Dolphins in Foxborough this Sunday. Hopefully the extra day of rest (or whatever football players do on their days off) does the team some good.

[via, h/t NESN]