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IsaacLeSage – ‘Dreaming Like an American’

The Symptoms – ‘Contrasts EP’

ThornBrain – ‘Nobody Cares Unless You’re Pretty or Dying’

The Dazies – ‘Levon Helm EP’

Molly Bolten & The Night Kitchen Experiment – ‘All Seats Provide Equal Viewing of the Universe’

Jeid – ‘Dreamer EP’

Irene Miller Fyler – ‘Can I Come With You?’

The Cabtstanjas -‘What It’s Like to Die’

The Atomic Raygun – ‘A Fistful of Raygun’

People in Cars – ‘Live on H Street’

Amy Fairchild – ‘Amy Fairchild’

Isaac – ‘Ship Around EP’

McWolf – ‘McWolf/Shanghai Beach Split’

Happy Holiday – ‘Happy Holiday’

Akhbar – ‘Walls’

Matthew Duly – ‘Ghost in Your Memory’

Powderhouse – ‘Life in Black and White’

Ian White – ‘Blue Eyes, Red Eyes’

Bernie’s Garage – ‘Crabwalk into Your Heart’

 JAP. – ‘Bae’

Skeleton President – ‘Skullthuggery’

Gorilla Gorilla – ‘Gorilla Gorilla’

Jess Walker – ‘First and Last’

Onslo – ‘A Taste of Purple’

Qualiatik’s Music

Steve Oundo – ‘Traveler’

MK’s Nervous System – ‘Instrumental Archive’

Phoenix Down – ‘Let’s Mosey!’-

Jonas Margraf – ‘Silk Vessels/Foam’

Howlish – ‘Open Bones EP’

Stephen Konrads & The Eternals – ‘Stephen Konrads & The Eternals’

the nine billion names of god – ‘What Is Left’ 

Blue Plutos – ‘Dennett St.’

Andrew Cosentino – ‘I May Never Sell Blood Again’

The Elderly – ‘Early Birdin’ with The Elderly’

Derek Kalback – ‘One Fine Morning’

Dan Webb and the Spiders – ‘Now It Can Be Told’

Wolf Blitzer – ‘Strange Resolutions’

Surf Vietnam – ‘Paleo As Fuck’

Nathaniel Noton-Freeman – ‘Cloud Machines’

Meresha – ‘Acid Bass’

Girls, Guns & Glory – ‘Good Luck EP’

National Treasure – ‘The Ceiling (Demo)’

Jericho Pistol – ‘Black, Gold, Denim & Chrome’

Ligaments/Squanto – ‘Split’

Royale – ‘I.D.K.U.’

Nervous – ‘Bleepomatic’

Sneeze – ‘Wilt’

Death Waltz ’76 – ‘The Stolen EP’

Jep Roadie – ‘Jam Jam’

Grenades in the Archives – ‘Tokyo EP’

The Wondermics – ‘Meltdown’

The Short Wave Mystery – ‘…Solved?’

The Guru, ‘Pretty Things’

RsK – ‘Who Me? (Prod Avid iLL)’

The Rotary Prophets, ‘Faith – Lost – Love’

Kindling – ‘Spike and Wave’

Sawtooth – ‘Snacks’

Modern Lighting – ‘Apsis’

King Peaxure – ‘Idle Reader’ 

Brittany Tara’s YouTube Channel

onlyone – ‘Breakable’

Luna Dares – ‘Luna Dares’

Doug Wartman – ‘Deep Breath’

J/Q – ‘Too Much Art’

Spectral Bat – ‘Illusion EP’

Stephen Mead – ‘Joan Floating’

Luck Is with You – ‘Luck Is with You’

Art Thieves – ‘Demo’

Radical Apathy – ‘Radical Apathy’

Chase Aaron – ‘Radio’

The Callbacks – ‘Sexy Male Librarian’



Art Book Club 6 – ‘Works Well With Others’

Qualiatik’s Digital and Mixed Media Artwork

Christian Wyatt Photography

‘A Seeker’ (Painting)

Nick Verlardi – ‘The Little Miss Monster Pageant’

Boston Street Photography

Stephen Mead – ‘Lifted to the Stars’


Everything Else

Scott and David Goudsward – ‘Horror Guide to Massachusetts’

Margarita Gokun Silver – ‘Lenin Was Half-Jewish, and So Can You’

‘As Her World Turns’

‘God Hates Musicals’

Nate Lopez – ‘Poorly Edited’


Jon Dao – ‘The Vagina Dialogues’ Podcast

Michael Donner, ‘Paper Truths’ at the Panopticon Gallery

Rob McQueen – ‘The Twelve Cataclysms’

Liz Arcury – ‘Rocks at the Bottom’

Food in My Beard – ‘S’moresburger’ (Recipe)


Daily Dollar Billz

Courtney McDermott – ‘Filling Up the Moon’