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I love major league baseball. And I really love when MLB managers lose their minds. (NSFW audio ahead, be warned.)

Baseball is back, baby! Well, it’s been back for a few days, but the Red Sox open their season in Cleveland today, after being snowed/rained/colded (not a word, I know) out yesterday. So to celebrate, here’s a trio of my all-time favorite mad manager rants, starting with the legendary Tommy Lasorda unleashing on a reporter who made the mistake of asking Lasorda’s “opinion” of Dave Kingman’s performance. Kingman hit three homers off of Dodgers pitching.

The 1983 Chicago Cubs lost their first six games of the season. By April 29, their record sat at 5-14 and the team was being openly heckled by its own fans. That’s when manager Lee Elia snapped.

Earl Weaver is the king of arguing with, ranting in the face of, and being ejected by MLB umpires. I chose this particular tirade (among his dozens and dozens) because, in his ranting and raving, correctly predicts he will one day end up in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Baseball. Gotta love it.