It’s the end of yet another era in Allston. After Herrell’s closed in 2009, musicians and the neighborhoods finest post-grads were forced to find part-time cafe work elsewhere. Luckily, Bagel Rising, just a block away, welcomed this crowd with open arms.

In the past decade, Bagel Rising has gone from your standard bagel bakery to a neighborhood staple, with lines out the door every Saturday and Sunday morning to purchase signature creations like the “Hammer of the Gods” and the “Tequila Sunrise.” After wholesaling bagels to different Espresso Royale locations, Bagel Rising’s owner, Lawrence Marguiles, ended up buying out those locations, as well as opening another cafe on the Berklee campus called Pavement. All of the Espresso Royale locations have since been changed to Pavement, and now, to complete the cycle, Eater Boston reports that Bagel Rising will make the switch as well.

In addition, another new Pavement location will be opening up in the Fenway area, but no timeline has been announced yet for its opening. Before you go and get all worried that you’ll never enjoy “The Ike” ever again, or that that dude you know from that band might lose his job, remember that ownership will remain the same, so it’s likely that a new name and layout may be all of the changes the Allston location will go through. That’s all to be seen though, and even if that’s the case, Bagel Rising will always hold a special place in Allston’s heart, right between Our House West and Marty’s Liquors. Pour some coffee out for the homies.