What’s more American than a love of money and bacon? Technically there’s Canadian versions of both, but neither taste as good. Enter the New Hampshire “I Heart Bacon” scratch (and sniff) lottery ticket.

The rules are simple – scratch the ticket, get a whiff of fresh-cooked bacon-y goodness, and win up to a thousand bucks. At one dollar a pop and every ticket guaranteed to smell like meat, there’s really no losing ticket.


“The I Heart Bacon scratch ticket combines two things people love: the chance to win cash and the wonderful, enticing smell of bacon,” said executive director of the New Hampshire Lottery Commission and breakfast meat enthusiast Charlie McIntyre in an interview with WMUR.

If you live in the New Hampshire area and haven’t seen the novelty item yet, the NH Lottery Commission is promoting the product with free tickets and slices of bacon (!) in the following places:

January 21, Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester
January 23, Cumberland Farms on Main Street in Keene
January 24, Durham Marketplace
January 30, Hooksett Welcome Centers

Go ahead, take a meat-themed road trip, we won’t tell.

[h/t WMUR]