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Josh Miller is an avid tech enthusiast, photographer, and media professional with a fun amount of quirk who loves to cook, travel, and deal hunt, but can’t go a day without his favorite iced tea. When he’s not talking tech or at a thrift store growing his Tupperware plate collection, he is playing (or “working”) with high-end cameras and audio/video production equipment.

Stories by Josh Miller

Use primal instincts, charge your phone — with fire

Imagine, you and your wilderness buddies are enjoying breakfast from your cast iron skillet, comfy in your flannels, when your campsite is suddenly attacked by a mountain lion. While your friends fight off the ferocious beast, you reach for your phone to capture this moment of mountain magic, only to find you’re complete out of battery. No worries, just plug your phone into the fire. More

New iPad is coming, just a bit too late

There are lots of rumors floating around, from the long awaited Retina display on the iPad Mini to faster guts to its ability to turn previous generation iPads into solid gold. No, it probably won’t turn other iPads into gold. I made that up. But hey, since everything is technically speculation right now, maybe it can happen, right? More