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Gene Buonaccorsi is, among other things, a writer, videographer and photographer. He lives in Cambridge.

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Boston events
Moth StorySLAM: In Search of Organic Stories in the Internet Age
Boston events

If you use Facebook (71% of online adults), LinkedIn (22%), Twitter (19%), Instagram (17%) or any other web-based social network, you’ve digested someone’s perspective in what is the new standard storytelling format. Personal expression online allows the expresser to edit and format the stories they are telling. Meanwhile, readers are free to mute or interrupt, while multi-tasking if they choose. The experiences that “friends”, “connections” or “followers” share are non-linear. They can be started and stopped at will, perseverated on, or ignored completely. More

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Go for the Cheers, Stay for the Chat: Comparing the Social Experiences of 4 Boston Taprooms

You don’t need me to tell you that the craft alcohol industry is on the rise. An interactive and consumer-friendly trade, brewing is the latest trend in innovation that everyone wants to be involved with. “Drinking Buddies” made the environment story fodder, social networks like Untappd encourage users to seek and share different drinks; here in Massachusetts we’ve even got our own craft beer scandal going on! More