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Erin Anderson

Erin Anderson is originally from Montana and now resides in Dorchester. Coming from a community organizing and counselor education background, she joined the Future Boston Alliance team as Program Manager in July 2013. She also currently serves on the Wonder Women of Boston Planning committee and works to promote social justice by way of advocating for artist collectives and the use of art – performance and visual, to create critical community conversations.

Stories by Erin Anderson

Support your neighborhood, shop local this holiday season

As a city, we constantly talk about community investment and what we as individuals can do to support one another day-to-day. During holidays, we have an opportunity to catalyze our communities and our relationships by way of “purchasing power.” We can further invest in our neighborhoods by making conscious decisions about where we shop and who we develop new/old relationships with in that process. Local businesses economically revitalize our community and the people who run these Main Street shops and restaurants are both neighborhood residents and community partners. Their economic success hinges on our shopping habits and a large portion our community’s development hinges on a thriving local business landscape. More