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Chris Brook is a writer living in Somerville. When he isn’t watching TV, he spends the bulk of his time taking pictures of dogs, visiting local craft breweries, and following baseball and basketball. He writes regularly for the information security blog and records a biweekly television podcast with his fellow Mainers called Hellovision!

Stories by Chris Brook

Everett’s Night Shift Brewing Celebrates Three Years With New Beers, New Plans

Saying Night Shift has come a long way in the last several years is a bit of understatement at this point. The brewery has ramped things up so much over the last few years that the ghost-white sheetrock walls of its first facility in Everett are surely as distant a memory for the brewers as the neon, 10-gallon orange homebrew buckets the three first used in a Ball Square kitchen to prototype beers. More

Turkey Day Toast: 5 Massachusetts Beers to Pair With This Year’s Thanksgiving Dishes

Much has been written about the parallels between beer and wine so we’ll skip the pretense, but really, if there’s one thing to take from it: These days it shouldn’t be out of place to see a Belgian quad or a Russian imperial stout instead of merlot or syrah next to the cranberry sauce or gravy boat at Thanksgiving. Beers can have just as much nuance as wine and often pair better with food. Some beers have a time and place. The following local brews deserve a spot on your table Thursday. More

Five DIY Shandies to Try at This Weekend’s Drink Craft Beer Summerfest

Have you been converted by the Narragansett Del’s Shandy cult yet?

Say what you will about shandies. Even if you find some of them too sweet or cloying for your tastes, you can’t deny that Harpoon’s Big Squeeze, Steigl’s Radler (#TeamRadler) and that ever-ubiquitous green and yellow tallboy can (that’s been flying off shelves since mid-May) have caught on big time this summer. More