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Arjun Singh is a Californian transplant who found his way to the cold roads of Boston. He currently works as a freelance writer and audio producer out of Allston.

Stories by Arjun Singh

An In-Depth Look At Boston’s Decade-Long Cocktail Renaissance

David Cagle’s favorite drink is the sazerac. So much so, that when anyone who sits at his bar says they’re unsure of what to get, Cagle immediately begins preparations for one. Born in New Orleans, the sazerac is a sweet combination of rye, sugar and bitters that has emerged as a standard drink on most bar menus throughout the country. Those of us living here in 2015 are spoiled by the rise of the craft cocktail culture in the past decade. Prior to the late ’90s, one would be hard pressed to get anything more elegant than a Long Island Iced Tea at most bars. More