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Ari Shvartsman is a warrior-poet, satirist, and cineaste. As Managing Editor for the film section of the Boston Hassle and its monthly newspaper, the Boston Compass, he has spent hours reading and writing about film. In his spare time he enjoys nothing, because he has none.

Stories by Ari Shvartsman

Lovers’ Eyes: Best Date Movies to Check Out in Boston This Month

Boston is for lovers. Well, so is Paris. And all of Virginia. I don’t know – apparently people fall in love all over the place. I’m not convinced. Furthermore, they say summer is for lovers (or was it spring?), but does anyone actually want to touch another person right now? I digress – really, movies are for lovers and this is indisputable. Specifically, it’s time to find ways to force our prospects for love (or friends that cuddle) to accompany us to a place where we can sit in silence, not be hot, and pretend to be interacting. More