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Adam O’Neill is the president and co-founder of Broga® Yoga where he oversees technology, marketing, and partnerships. He’s an entrepreneur, musician, on-and-off runner, and occasional writer on topics related to fitness, technology, and marketing.

Stories by Adam O'Neill

Wanna get moving? 8 awesome running events around Boston this spring

For a lot of people, running is a way of life. It dictates their social calendar, their travel plans, their vacation time. Running is who they are. That’s great. For others, it’s simply a bit of contemplative alone time; a stress-busting moving meditation that resets the attitude and outlook. That’s great, too. No matter your relationship with running, it’s an undeniably simple activity, even if it can be hard to get motivated sometimes. Boston has one of the most storied of running histories among American cities and a vibrant running culture that supports hundreds of events every year. Check out these eight annual Boston running (and running-based – i.e. obstacle course) events. More

Get in shape this winter: Exercise ideas around Boston

Want to get or stay active in Boston this winter, especially after all that heavy holiday food and with New Year’s resolutions looming? Don’t do boring stuff. Exciting, cool, smart, sexy people don’t do boring stuff. They do things like what you’ll find here in this list of the nine hottest groups, clubs, studios, venues, and events in the Boston area, where getting and staying active is never boring, never predictable, never repetitive, and never the same. More