“Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler was born in Newton, raised in Burlington, and went to Boston College, so she’s had plenty of exposure to Boston accents over the years and plenty of time to form an opinion on them. Her verdict? In a word, disgusting.

That’s the word Poehler picked while playing a game of Word Association for an interview with Buzzfeed.

Amy Poehler Boston

Poehler isn’t alone in this opinion, of course. The Boston accent was the #1 seed in Gawker’s Worst Accent Tournament, and the national backlash to the glut of Boston movies has been made clear. But it hurts a little more coming from one of our own. Maybe Poehler’s aversion to the accent was why the Sully & Denise sketches on “Saturday Night Live” weren’t a three-person act.

Before you get up in arms about Poehler being a Boston traitor, however, look at one of her later answers.

Amy Poehler Red Sox

The game is Word Association, not Words Association, but how can you ask someone who loves the Sox to describe that love in a single word?

[h/t Buzzfeed]