Christopher Kyle may not be a household name to everybody, but if American Sniper, the Clint Eastwood-directed film based on Kyle’s life, wins the Academy Award for Best Picture, his legacy will be known to many more. 

Kyle, a former Navy SEAL, was honorably discharged from the military in 2009, after which he authored the best-selling autobiography American Sniper. This past year, the book was adapted and released as a film, starring Bradley Cooper as Kyle, and is now up for six Academy Awards.

If and when Cooper rises to the Oscar stage on Sunday, it will be very much in reflection of Kyle, so it’s only appropriate to look further into the life and responsibilities of the formal Navy SEAL.

Thanks to document requesting service MuckRock, we were able to obtain full access to Christopher Kyle’s military file. You’ll notice that Kyle’s marks are laudable, and his feedback from superiors was glowing, to say the least. Here are some of his marks, along with the complete file in PDF form.

“Exceptional leader. His personal conduct  and performance in combat during the most intense urban combat ever experienced by NSW personnel served as an example to all! He has my highest possible recommendation for promotion to E-6 and assignment as LPO.”

-March 2005

“One of the most combat experienced operators in the SEAL teams. He has my strongest personal endorsement for promotion to Chief Petty Officer.”

-November 2005

“Kyle has demonstrated exceptional combat leadership beyond his peers. His proven performance under fire cannot be overstated. Promote to Chief Petty Officer immediately!”

-November 2006

“Exceptional leader: A complete warrior and natural leader, he expertly led [redacted] SEALs through [redacted] weeks of high intensity training.”

-December 2007

Here’s the full report, in PDF form.

[h/t MuckRock]