Peter Griffin impressions are about as unusual as Homer Simpson impressions– not really that unusual. But really good Peter Griffin impressions, like not just talking the part, but looking the part, and both embracing and loving the comparison, that’s when it becomes rare.

The closest we may ever come to a real life version of the famous “Family Guy” dad was spotted in New York, making for the perfect double-take. You’d think that one might not be super keen on being compared to Griffin, but it’s exactly what Robert Franzese, a New York based cosplayer, was going for when he attended New York Comic-Con.

“Impressions just really came naturally to me,” explains Franzese, who wowed attendees with his uncanny Quahog accent and ability to throw the word “freakin” into just about every sentence. Franzese’s impression has since made its way all over the Internet, and even to the true voice of Griffin, Seth MacFarlane, who retweeted the video.

Franzese, on top of being a living, breathing cartoon character, is a dose of inspiration in a way. He likens Comic-Con to a grownup Disney World, and clearly gets a great bit of excitement living as somebody else for the weekend, saying, “people are pulling out phones like I’m freaking Brad Pitt. It makes me feel like a million bucks. It’s the reactions that I get out of what I do that gives me the joy of what I do.”

Keep on living, Robert Franzese, you freakin’ bastard.