Allston’s Twin Donuts has become something of a local landmark over the years, which is probably why the breakfast spot has outlasted the expansion of Dunkin Donuts over the past few decades (that, and the fact that their breakfast sandwiches and iced coffees aren’t half bad either). Now distinguished Boston developer Harold Brown plans to give the Allston joint the facelift it deserves. His company, The Hamilton Co., has owned the building since 1985, and now looks to put $200,000 into renovating it this spring. In an interview with Boston Business journal, Brown says, “the Twin Donuts sign has become an icon in the neighborhood, like the Citgo sign in Kenmore Square, and we think it’s time for some improvements.”

The restaurant will remain open during renovations, which are expected to begin in April and take about six weeks to complete. Allston residents, what do you think? Will this be a good way to celebrate the classic Allston establishment, or do you like Twin Donuts just the way it is? I know one way you could give this place a new look. I’ve been rattling the idea around my head for some time now. It basically consists of making coffee into a slush-like beverage. You could even top it with whipped cream and call it something catchy like Coolatte? No? Already been done? Shit, you’re right.

[Photo credit: Adam Vimelson]