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Who: Slowdim

A little bit of background: Fronted by Paul Sentz (vocals, guitar) and Karina DaCosta (vocals, bass), Slowdim was a long time coming. Having known each other for years, Slowdim’s beginning is hard to pinpoint – but we think it was 2011. Sentz had been playing with former band This Car Up, and DaCosta was getting started with 28 Degrees Taurus before they were joined by drummer James Zaner from The Shills.

The group writes indie pop but with a range that shows off their musicianship. On their debut record, you get a diverse set of tracks ranging from pure indie pop (“Up Stream”) to punchier tracks reminiscent of Modest Mouse (“Don’t Cough Me Out”) to dreamy and washed out guitars. Slowdim was a name that took over in 2011, and three years later, they haven’t faded one bit.

So far this year, Slowdim kicked ass at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble, scored an opening slot for London-based rock outfit Wolf Gang, and have been chipping away at a new EP.

Sounds kinda like: shoegaze / indie pop

Why you should care: The ’90s riffs are alive and well in Slowdim’s full-bodied sound. There’s something innocent about Slowdim that just feels good when you spin their eponymous record. Tracks like “Winter’s Gun” takes a dip into the band’s dreamier side, making it perfect for balmy summer mornings.

Fun fact: DaCosta and Sentz grew up together and first met in elementary school in Virginia.

Press play:

Like what you hear? If today’s humidity is already grossing you out or you’re looking at your to-do list with the word “NO” flashing in your head, hit up TT’s tonight and let Slowdim take you back to your happy place.

w/Joe Turner & The Seven Levels, The Easy Reasons, The I Want You
Wednesday, July 2
TT the Bears
10 Brookline St, Cambridge, MA
8:30 p.m. – 18+ – $9

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