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Who: Krill

A little bit of background: Krill is a three-piece that has been gallivanting around Boston with their unique brand of punk-garage-squak-rock since 2010. In the past four years, the band has gotten love on Pitchfork, were labeled a “Band to Watch” on Stereogum, and we boasted about their 2013 release “Lucky Leaves” as our #1 album of the year! Fronted by Jonah Furman, Krill (particularly with the help of their song “Theme From Krill” and Furman’s DIY Krill jacket) is a name most around Boston have come to recognize.

This year, the trio released what they referred to as a “failed concept EP,” “Steve Hears Pile In Malden and Bursts Into Tears.” The EP follows Steve through psychological anguish as he comes to realize that he is merely a character in Pile’s (another local act) album. An unconventional motif to say the least, Furman sings whatever he wants without hesitation over mildly dissonant guitar riffs and thudding percussion.

Side note: Rumor has it (read as: according to Facebook), the trio has been recording new material all weekend…

Sounds kinda like: experimental garage rock with a lot of Pixies influence

Why you should care: Furman is about as blunt as they come as far as lyricists go. His songwriting is self-deprecating and honest, he doesn’t seem to hold much back. The melodies are intentionally off-kilter and can certainly pose a challenge to ears. These types of arrangements can do one of two things: turn a listener off completely or spark an acute fascination that will only multiply upon seeing the trio live.

Fun fact: During the recording process for “Lucky Leaves,” Krill incentivized pre-ordering their record with a whopping $100 pledge, by promising to send the whole album on a USB drive, hand-packaged in a ball of mozzarella cheese to hear it before anyone else.

Press play: Check out the latest Krill song that got everyone hyped up because well…just take a listen…

Like what you hear? Stroll on over to Great Scott TONIGHT to see what it’s all about!

w/Warehouse, Frankie Cosmos, Free Pizza
Thursday, July 17
Great Scott
1222 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA
9:00 p.m. – 18+ – $8

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