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Who: Holm.

A little bit of background:

Holm. is the moniker for Thatcher May’s one man band. A project that began in 2012 was initially purely instrumental. More dreamy, more mellow. Since then, May has dipped into more indie rock and began recording his own voice. May records all of Holm. in his apartment, vocals, guitar, bass, you name it. Having spent years being a part of Boston bands as a drummer, May’s exploring and expanding with Holm. The itch to experiment has led May to simultaneously work on a new project, Sports Coach, in addition to all things Holm. “As of now, Holm. will most likely be heading back into the more ambient, experimental direction,” May says. “Holm.’s been around for a minute and [already] gone through many, many stages.”

Holm. may not go down easy on first listen but once you gain your footing, May’s got you. His lyrics are written like journal entries and delivered with no frills. Akin to spoken word, the melody is all in the instrumentation. His monotone juxtaposed with near shimmery riffs is puzzling and begs for another listen to figure it all out. Off of Holm.’s latest release, “WHAT’S A BLACK EYE TO A KING LIKE ME?,” must listen tracks include: “sense.” and “any1.”

Sounds kinda like: “slightly lonely music for slightly lonely people”

Why you should care:

Who pairs summer rhythms with somber spoken word? Holm. does. It’s risky and it pays off in the form of an opening slot on Fuck Buttons last stop through Boston. That’s right. “Still the biggest show I’ve played to date so far! Great show, really nice dudes. Fuck Buttons set was quite possibly the loudest set I’ve ever heard from a band,” May says. Fresh off of the release of “WHAT’S A BLACK EYE…,” now is the perfect time to see Holm. I’m eager to see what his live shows are like and what May’s stage persona holds.

Fun fact: May most identifies with a polar bear.

Press play: Get a little motion sick with Holm.’s “Vibe Zone: A Documentary”:

Like what you hear? Perfect timing, catch him tonight in Central.

Horse Jumper of Love
w/Holm., Sundog, Tone Ra
Monday, December 1
TT the Bear’s
10 Brookline St, Cambridge, MA
8:30 p.m. – 18+ – $9