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Who: Grey Season

A little bit of background: Grey Season, a five-piece act, has been calling Boston home since the fellas met in 2011. While most newcomers spend time finding their groove in a sweaty basement or makeshift practice space…Grey Season found their sound on the streets of Boston. Lead vocalist Jon Mills keeps good company with Chris Bloniarz (banjo, dobro, piano, mandolin), lead guitarist Matt Knelman, bassist Ian Jones, and drummer Ben Burns.

This year the band recorded and released their debut full-length, “Time Will Tell You Well,” after a successful Kickstarter campaign this year. On the record, the group worked with Grammy-winning engineer Justin Guip and BMA Producer-of-the-Year Benny Grotto. Grey Season has performed everywhere from sidewalks, to radio stations, to bars, and basements alike.

Sounds kinda like: “Timeless folk and stinky rock n’ roll”

Why you should care: I first stumbled upon Grey Season earlier this year at a Sofar Sounds show and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. The band’s prior experience busking has given them a leg up in the live setting, as they’ve perfected the art of getting casual ears to wake up and pay attention.

Not to discredit Guip and Grotto – but the recordings on tape are just a hair too clean for my taste when it comes to Grey Season (gotta leave some of that “stink” in there). These are five guys, most of whom wear (play) multiple hats (instruments), who are damn good at what they do and smile the whole way through. You’ll be rocking back and bobbing on your heels in no time.

Fun fact: Multi-instrumentalist Chris Bloniarz is nicknamed “Gooch” and I’m unclear as to how I should feel about it.

Press play: Check out some footage from the Sofar gig previously mentioned below:

Like what you hear? You can do one of two things:

1) Go to the Newport Folk Festival this weekend, have a great time, come back to Boston, hit up the Middle East on Tuesday night and let Grey Season take you right back to the Newport vibe


2) Be sad that you aren’t going to the fest, hit up the Middle East on Tuesday to get your fix of folky bluegrass goodness.

Stone Giant
w/The Pluto Moons, The Basement Beat, Grey Season, Polaroids
Tuesday, July 29
Middle East Upstairs
480 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA
8:00 p.m. – 18+ – $7

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[Header photo credit: Becca Charin]