A new trailer for Adam Sandler vehicle Pixels was released last night, teasing scenes of mass destruction from the likes of PacMan and Donkey Kong. It’s up to the summer film’s protagonists Sandler, Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage to save the world so…looks like we’re in trouble.

Pixels pulls its inspiration from a 2010 short film by Patrick Jean, and follows the plight of the earth after a time capsule that was sent into outer space in the 1980s is gravely misinterpreted by an alien race as a declaration of war, who send back America’s favorite video games in deadly form. If this isn’t enough bizarro fiction for you, Kevin James plays the President of the United States and Jane Krakowski is his first lady.


The nostalgic appeal and large-scale destruction is perfect for the summer moviegoing crowd, and looks like it may be a successful rebound for Sandler after last summer’s flop Blended. Pixels is directed by Chris Columbus, previously of Home Alone and the first two Harry Potter films.


The film will hit theaters on July 24…if we had survive the imminent reign of Donkey Kong for that long.

[h/t TIME]