This is Alexis Frulling.

On her way to a Wiz Khalifa concert at the Calgary Stampede in Canada, Frulling and two male friends made the decision to take a…detour. In a downtown alley, the three consenting adults partook in a threesome. Little did they know that someone was watching from a second floor balcony across the street.

A person then felt the need to share the video on Reddit.

But if Frulling is going to do anything in life, backing down won’t be it. In a YouTube response, Frulling shares that she may not be proud of what happened but that she’s certainly not ashamed of it. Between rapped lyrics, hair-flips and sips of wine, Frulling unapologetically expresses her right to do what she wants as an adult.

“Some people have asked if I regret it,” Frulling says in the video. “I don’t. If you regret things, how are you going to move forward? Who doesn’t make bad decisions?”

By posting her response, Frulling took control of the conversation.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 5.46.59 PM

At one point, without any introduction, she unwraps a cucumber, sticks it into her mouth and bites the end off.

Whether she’s making a statement of the Freudian variety or not, the world should learn its lesson: Don’t mess with Alexis.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 5.48.12 PM

Watch Frulling’s full response here. Warning: It’s as unsafe for work as you’d imagine it to be.