So I always thought this dude was named Edward Sharpe. Turns out I was incorrect.

The frontman of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ name is Alex Ebert. I was first introduced to this band about a year ago, unexpectedly. They were co-headliners at Red Rocks with Alabama Shakes. I had no idea who they were, or what to expect. I did zero (unmagnetic) research because I wanted Red Rocks to be my absolute first experience with the band.

There were tons of them … Magnetic Zeros I guess you call them … all over the stage. It was awesome – horns, drums, maybe flutes. It was a barrage of weird with this gospel twist that left me rather dumbfounded. And Ebert was in the crowd constantly. Literally. Jumping into the middle of the madness and handing off the mic to a crowd of smiling, frolicking, and happy people.

So it was rather appropriate as I sat in the pit with my video camera that he would jump down, tear up the pavement with a couple photogs, then climbed over the barrier into the awaiting crowd. Then when he crawled back over the barrier, it was an Edward Sharpe sandwich with me and a security guard as the bread … my camera in his ear.

Good start to Boston Calling. And check out Adam 12’s awesome interview with Ebert prior to Friday’s performance.