There may be a cold front moving toward the East Coast, but Al Roker is just getting warmed up. The “Today Show” weatherman is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for longest live weather report, while raising money for a charity supporting the troops.

Roker begins his attempt tonight at 10 PM. Every moment of his 34-hour “Rokerthon” will be streaming on Today’s website, and Roker will continue raising money for the USO. (At last check, Roker had already raised almost $22,000 four hours before the event was scheduled to start.)

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So how will Roker manage 34 hours on air? According to Roker:

“I am trying to get as much sleep as possible leading up to this,” he told “Then I’m going to go to sleep after the TODAY show Wednesday for about eight to 10 hours. Then during the Rokerthon, I will drink green tea, water, eat a combination of fats and proteins, and work out on an exercycle as much as possible.”

Those all sound like good ideas, to be sure. But Roker was conspicuously quiet on how exactly he plans to go to the bathroom during the 34-hour marathon. Remember, this is a man who pooped his pants at the White House, so anything is in play.

[h/t Today]