After seven seasons and over 100 episodes, someone finally achieved total victory on the American Ninja Warrior course.

More accurately, two someones finished the course, setting up a thrilling final round face-off for the million-dollar prize.

To provide some background, American Ninja Warrior, based on the Japanese program Sasuke, is split into four stages. Over seven seasons, almost no one has even finished the third stage, which is filled with obstacles many professional athletes have failed to navigate.

Isaac Caldiero, a professional rock climber, proved up to the task.

isaac third stage

When Caldiero finished the third stage, ANW hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila could barely contain their excitement.

caldiero finisher gif

Despite over 100 episodes with virtually no one completing the third stage, another competitor, cameraman Geoff Britten, known as “Popeye” due to his gigantic arms, also finished.

geoff britten finisher gif

That set up a face-off between Britten and Caldiero on Mt. Midoriyama. To complete the fourth stage, competitors have to ascend the 75-foot structure in under 30 seconds.

Britten went first, and became the first man in ANW history to complete the climb with 0.35 seconds left on the clock.

britten rope finish

Then came Caldiero. With a million dollars on the line, the man known on the show for his Jesus-like appearance shined brightest, reaching the top of Midoriyama with 3.86 left on the clock.

caldiero rope finish