The truly horrifying thing about Halloween is you wake up, hungover and encrusted in fake blood, and your phone is telling you it’s November and, oh yeah, it’s basically winter now, get used to it. Luckily there’s no shortage of cozy indoor events coming up this week, live film festivals, comedy benefits, and the warming comfort of sweet, sweet alcohol.

1. Monday, November 3 – “Hoax_Canular”
The DocYard documentary series at the Brattle Theatre presents “Hoax Canular,” a found-footage film made entirely from YouTube videos of teenagers anticipating the end of the world. The videos act as a coping mechanism for kids imagining the tools and skills they will need to survive, because of course teenagers think they’re the ones who would survive the apocalypse. Yeah right, two or three days without their iPods and DVDs and they’ll be begging to get eaten by zombies. Stick around after the screening for a discussion with director Dominic Gagnon. (7 p.m., $8-10, all ages)

2. Monday, November 3 – “To Be Takei”
Before George Takei became famous for being good at the Internet, he helmed the Enterprise on “Star Trek” (Kirk, not Picard). But way before that, he was imprisoned in a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II. Takei and partner Brad Takei will be present for a Q&A after the Boston Asian American Film Festival’s special presentation of “To Be Takei” at the Somerville Theatre. The film follows the production of Takei’s dream project, “Allegiance,” a musical based on his childhood internment camp experience. (7 p.m., $25, all ages)

3. Tuesday, November 4 – Dirty Water Saloon
My personal vision of hell is getting stuck in a neverending line dancing session set to “Message in a Bottle” by The Police, because I’m bad at dancing and just really don’t like that song, but I understand that other people tolerate and even enjoy line dancing (I do not understand how people tolerate The Police). Dirty Water Saloon brings its gender-free line and partner dancing for queer folks and friends to the Milky Way in JP, and if you don’t want to embarrass yourself you can show up early for a lesson to learn the steps. (7 p.m., $10, 18+)

4. Wednesday, November 5 – Peak Organic + Bantam + Bully Boy
It’s generally good advice to stick to one type of alcohol when you’re drinking. It makes you seem like the kind of person who has a signature beverage, which is the kind of pointless tip you’d probably read in a GQ dating advice column, but more importantly it helps ease your hangovers. But you should make an exception for Wednesday’s booze extravaganza at East End Grille, featuring Peak Organic’s Maple Collaboration beer, Bantam’s Americain farmhouse-style cider, and Bully Boy’s barrel-aged Hub Punch. Also maybe mix in a water once in a while. (7 p.m., free to attend/pay to drink, 21+)

5. Wednesday, November 5 – Comedy + Charity
Comedians are funny. You know what’s not funny? Ebola. Except in the case of a well-constructed “Ebola soup” pun, obviously, but let’s leave those to people who know what they’re doing — like the funny people performing at Comedy + Charity. The benefit show at the Middlesex Lounge will raise funds for More Than Me, a foundation operating a school in Liberia that’s helping victims of Ebola. They’ll be auctioning off dates with local comedians, which is great for those of you who genuinely just want a partner who makes you laugh, instead of just fake-laughing at really attractive people, which is also pretty great. (7 p.m., FREE, 21+)

6. Wednesday and Thursday, November 5-6 – 5Point Film Festival
Don’t you wish you could be an outdoorsy person? You’d go camping and rock climbing and swim in lakes and dive off really high cliffs when the rest of your friends are scared, and you would absolutely document all of this in your online dating profiles. It would be glorious. Get some inspiration from the 5Point Film Festival, two nights of short outdoor adventure films at the Somerville Theatre. The festival kicks off each night with a community party in Davis Square Plaza with music, food, and Sierra Nevada beer, because a little liquid courage couldn’t hurt even if you’re just watching movies about courageous people. (5 p.m., $15, all ages)

7. Thursday, November 6 – When She Makes More
If you see an email subject line that starts with “Bank of America Alert” and immediately worry that your account is overdrawn again when it’s just an alert that your monthly statement is ready, the personal finance courses at Brookline’s Society of Grownups might be for you. Thursday’s free class, When She Makes More, addresses the challenges facing couples when the guy doesn’t necessarily “bring home the bacon” and when he does it’s literally bacon from the store, the fancy expensive bacon again, you really can’t afford this and of course he expects YOU to cook it while he sits around watching football in his underwear. (7 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Photo credit: Maria Ly/Creative Commons


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