If you’re a proponent of YouTube workout videos and/or cute, precocious children, you’re going to love Demi.

Demi is the star of an amateur YouTube fitness video series called “The young Jamaican trainer.”

If you need someone to motivate you to get into shape, Demi is your man (well, boy). And if you’re dubious about Demi’s clout as a trainer, just check out the following four tips from his video series. (Just know that you’ll have to watch the videos and hear Demi’s accent to get the full young Jamaican trainer experience.)

1. Strength train, strength train, strength train

“Do dips,” Demi instructs in one of his videos. “Everything that would work and build up those muscles. Trust me. Rastafari.”


2. Your diet counts, too

“Do not eat no junk food out there. Because that will just mess up ya body.”


3. Never. Give. Up.

“You see how he mess up? And he still want to go for it? That’s what people is supposed to do.”


4. Keep at it

“We work out. Gonna do it every single day. I’m gonna take no day off doin’ my stuff.”


Still not convinced that Demi’s the trainer for you? Fine. But gym memberships can get pretty pricey and Demi’s videos are free of charge.

You should really watch one of Demi’s videos below.