B.J. and Keough Novak have an interesting sibling dynamic in that they are not siblings and have never actually met.

The Internet is a place where people can find their community, even if that community is a fake family. Such is the case for Boston-bred comedian and writer B.J. Novak, who has been interacting with a mysterious fake Twitter sister. The questionable family member goes under the Twitter handle of @KeoNovak and uses a photograph of Kendall Jenner as the profile picture. Why? Because, as one rapper of questionable talent once put it, the Internet.

Created by Newton-born and Harvard-educated Novak and his brothers Jesse and Lev, the entirely fictional 16-year-old Keough’s presence on Twitter exists partially to bond the brothers, partially to puzzle fans and entirely to channel that unique, bizarre Novak lens. Even though Keough rolls nearly 3000 tweets deep and has been on the Twitter scene since 2012, her nonexistence has been a hot topic as more and more celebrities have interacted with the quippy series of ones and zeros she is.

Sometimes, Keough appears to be nothing more that the tweets that are too dumb for the Novak brothers to endorse with their own accounts. 

At other times, she gives us pseudo-peeks into the lives of the Novaks, particularly her obsession with the man who would be Ryan Howard.

Not coincidentally, she’s also a massive fan of Novak’s best friend and constant collaborator Mindy Kaling, who frequently interacts with young Keough on Twitter.


Happy Valentine’s Day to the ultimate #bae @mindykaling

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At her best, she’s funny enough to be believed as the vaguely Kardashian-looking joke machine that she’s marketed to be – at nearly 30,000 followers, she’s proven to be a decent marketing bot in pushing B.J. Novak’s new book The Book With No Pictures, which he’s currently promoting on a worldwide book tour.

Keough has even interviewed her would-be brother for HelloGiggles.

Keough: You are widely regarded as a world-class bozo. Does it hurt your feelings that so many people think you are a bozo? Or are you happy to be understood for who you really are?

B.J.: Let me just say that I’m proud that you have learned how to focus on the existential questions.

Impressively enough, Keough’s Internet game grows stronger by the day after over two-and-a-half years in the cybersphere, unlike other inside jokes and parody accounts that tend to fade into oblivion as soon as interest declines. At the end of the day, that’s who Keough Novak is – a slightly disturbing exercise that has brought three brothers closer together and brings joy to the Twitter masses.