Acorn Street in Beacon Hill “may well be Boston’s most photographed byway,” according to National Geographic. USA Today reports that it may  be one of the most photographed street in the United States.

Since the road is irrefutably beautiful year-round, people go out of their way to get photos of Acorn Street in every season. That said, one thing more famous than this New England cobblestone street is New England fall foliage. So when people get the chance to combine the two, they typically do. And they Instagram it.

L.L.Bean catalogue-worthy posts that boast the region’s most beautiful time of year have begun to pour into Instagram and other social media sites.

And now that Instagram allows people to post full-sized photos without having to use a secondary app, views of the street can be seen in all their glory.



The leaves have just started to turn so there’s fortunately plenty of time left to catch Acorn Street in its full fall-ness, as seen in this banger from last autumn:

Head over to Acorn Street to set up your own prototypical autumn photo shoot. You may even run into the old golden retriever that shows up in many an Acorn Street photo:

Acorn Street is in Beacon Hill and accessible via the MBTA’s Red and Blue Lines.