Although the weather would suggest otherwise, fall has indeed descended upon us.  And you know what that means!  It is fall festival time!  We have gathered a list of all types of festivals taking place throughout October, some to be expected and others, well, not so much.  Grab your pumpkin flavored lattes, muffins and whatever else comes pumpkin flavored these days, and hit the road for one of these sweet festivals.

5.  Harvard Square Oktoberfest, Cambridge, Sunday, October 12, 2014
This celebration of German lifestyle and beer has taken on its own Cambridge feel.  You will be able to score not only a schnitzel and beer but also food from around the world.  The square will be filled with six stages for music to boogey to and will have plenty of vendors to shop till you drop at.  And when you are ready to drink some brews there are five beer gardens to get your German on!

Directions: Hit up the Red Line and get off at Harvard Square. Easy Peasy!

4. Festival of the Dead, Salem, Throughout October
Get your costume ready because Halloween season is here. And where better to get ghoulish than Salem for Halloween.  The Festival of the Dead actually goes on throughout the month of October and includes events like The Witch’s Halloween Ball, séances, and magic circles. Get into the spirit and go chill with some warlocks and witches before the big day this year.

Directions: From North Station grab either the Newburyport or Rockport lines and jump ship at Salem. From the station you will be in the thick of it!

3. HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands, Cambridge, October 10-12
That is right– activist street bands! They put on lively and engaging performances at anti-war rallies, pride parades, and political demonstrations.  Using their horns or musical instruments to raise awareness of all kinds.  Any socially engaged band can be a HONK! band and the festival usually draws an eclectic bunch.  Go see what they are all about and jam with them this month.

Directions: Check dates for locations either in Davis Square or Harvard Square. Take the Red Line to Davis Square or Harvard Square.

2. Harvestfest, Rockport, Saturday, October 18
Harvestfest is a take on quintessential New England.  With local food producers as the main drag, you will be able to fill yourself to the gills with homemade jams, chowder, pastries, candy and seafood.  Local craft beer will be flowing and Twin Lights soda will be available.  Live music will be performed throughout the day and you can even learn how to Contra dance, an old form of New England dance popular in the 18th century.  Rock up to Rockport and get ready to be classic New England on the wharfs.

Directions:  From North Station hop on the Rockport line and ride it out until the end! From there you can either take a CATA bus to downtown or walk the 15-minute jaunt.

1. What the Fluff!!, Somerville, Last Weekend in September
Fancy us this, who doesn’t want to go to a festival celebrating all things Fluff?  The white, ooey gooey concoction that all New England kids’ dreams are made of is put on serious display by the people of Somerville every year. Why, you ask?  Because Somerville is the birthplace of Fluff! Thanks to Mr. Archibald Query, Fluff and especially Fluffernutters have made their way into popular American culture and Somerville puts on a party to commemorate it.


Fluffernutters! That classic sandwich that reminds us all of kicking it with the neighborhood kids. They are everywhere and only $3.  You can pick them up at the Fluffernutter stand or from the many kids trotting around a box filled of them. Everywhere you turn, someone is devouring this retro sandwich and it is truly glorious. What’s even better?  You are supporting the Somerville Public School Music Program with every sandwich you buy and consume.  Get your hands sticky, people.

Fluffernutters are just the beginning, too. We saw things made with Fluff that blew our minds. Let’s start with the chorizo and fluff empanadas from Casa B. You could also find PB & Fluff oatmeal crème pies, Guinness and fluff pudding cake, fluff and caramel apples, Fluff ice cream, Fluffernutter donuts, fluff pot roast and fluff cocktails and beer. Fluff paradise, if you ask us.

Had your fill of Fluff? Impossible!  But if you are sugared out, hit up the main stages for some fun Fluff related entertainment.  It is chock full of sets from the get-go at 3 p.m. all the away to the Fluff finale at 7 p.m. You won’t be disappointed; here is a little gander of greatness from the great ladies of Rogue Burlesque.

Watch some sweet sets and get involved with all the activities, too. You can draw on the Fluff board, enter a cooking contest and much more. Pick up a Fluff t-shirt or tote bag to recall all your favorite Fluff memories later.

Although this year’s festival has come and gone, make sure to stick in the dates on your calendar for next year. Don’t miss out on this truly classic Somerville celebration.

Did you hit up the Fluff Festival?  What was your most rad Fluff experience? Let us know. What other funky festivals are going on that we missed?  We would Love to hear about them. Hit. Us. Up!