Snow storm Juno may have brought Boston (along with other neighboring areas) to a standstill for a day but it also created a prime opportunity to capture the epic blizzard on camera.

Receiving up to 24-36 inches of snow in some places, many time-lapse videos emerged to show exactly how clobbered New England was.  

Here are some of the results.

This video by Michael Seneschal shows how quickly the snow accumulated over the course of 24 hours. 

There’s also this one too, courtesy of Daily Mail

But of course, many others quickly jumped on board to film exactly what went down overnight. Whether it was from the intersection of Boylston and Darthmouth streetsBoston Harbor or The Pinpoint Weather Yard, it all highlights the intense snowfall.

With that much snow coming down, it really becomes a matter of how fast the roads can be plowed. 

 Be sure to stay safe and warm in this slippery, snowy weather.