Reddit user lathe-biosas recently found something special: practical financial and life advice left by his father, who passed away at age 82.

The advice was found on a hard drive, and, fortunately, lathe-biosas decided to share it with the world. All advice is [sic’d]:

1. Don’t spend it all


“Never spend 100% of your income / paycheck. Always put aside (save) something. This is the absolute rule of financial success. If you follow this rule and invest your financial future is assured.”

2. Avoid “services.”

“Try to never do business with any operation that has service in it’s name or stated purpose. It will cost you a significant amount. These are high risk operations and there goal is to extract as much money as possible without being arrested. In general these are dishonest people and operations.”

3. Don’t be in debt because of your first car


“Try to purchase your car for cash. It’s the first car that’s the hardest and all subsequent purchases are relatively simple especially if you put aside a small sum every month.”

4. The best vacation is a staycation

“Vacations – These are places where you pay to wait in line with a large crowd of sweaty people with small children who are not pleased to be there. My favorite is to stay at home where all your interests, books, hobbies and music are right at your fingertips. Most vacation spots are designed to separate you from as much money as you will tolerate in crowded conditions that you wouldn’t dream of accepting under any other circumstances.”

5. Don’t be piss poor

“Remember the six P’s: Piss poor performance is based on piss poor planning.”