The Bruins regular season has yet to start and already one player is going from obscurity to the number one spot in every Boston hockey fan’s heart.

Bobby Robins, the journeyman UMass Lowell grad, has made the Bruins opening night roster, and is already one of the great underdog stories of the season. Robins’ attraction as a player is only heightened by the fact that he can both bark and bite. In last night’s episode of NESN’s “Behind the B,” Robins wore a mic for a preseason game against the Washington Capitals on September 26th and the results were delightful. While the blogger-turned-enforcer did show a bit of a soft side, giving a puck to a young fan after warming up, he also showed that he has no problem picking up on some of the dirty work for the B’s.

Not only does Robins make quick work of Liam O’Brien in a scuffle, but he gets in an awesome profanity-laced bench-to-bench chirping match with Jason Chimera. We’re yet to see how Bobby Robins will perform in the regular season, but if his spirited exhibition play is any indication, we’ve got a rising new favorite for a number of reasons. #StaySavage