People have been fascinated with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s hair for quite a while.

On Thursday, Trump invited a woman up on stage to verify that his world-famous hair is, in fact, really his.

In front of a crowd in Greenville, South Carolina, Trump read from the front page of an issue of The New York Times, in which a Los Angeles radio host is quoted as calling Trump, “El hombre del peluquín,” or, “the man of the toupée.”

“I don’t wear a toupée,” Trump said. “It’s my hair. I swear!” Then he asked the woman to test his claim.

trump lady recent gif

Feel like you’re having Trump hair déjà vu? You’re not alone. Trump has used his coiffure to nab headlines for years. And he’s let quite a number of women test its veracity as well.

Here’s a brief history of people touching Donald Trump’s hair:

June 2015: Per a clip from CBS News of a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Trump led off a campaign stop with: “Let me tell you: I really am very smart, and I’m very competent, and I’m really good at business, and I can make this country so rich and so great again.” Then, after saying people might not like his smile or his hair, he invited a woman up on stage to touch his hair. Her verdict? “It’s thin, but it’s real.” Bonus points to the woman in the background who yelled, “We only care about what’s underneath your hair!”

trump CBS june gif

August 2014: Trump did the Ice Bucket Challenge. “I’ve been called out by everybody for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge,” Trump said, with Miss Universe and Miss USA flanking him. “Homer Simpson, Mike Tyson, Vince McMahon… I guess they want to see whether or not it’s my real hair, which it is.”

donald trump ice bucket gif

June 2013: Trump let a reporter for Global News touch his hair, though he later admonished her for messing it up. “Tell you what, all my friends that are my age—gonezo,” he said, carefully ensuring each strand is in place.

donald trump hair gif large

December 2011: In an interview with Barbara Walters, Trump employed the tactic again, mentioning an article that allegedly said he was “very, very terrific at what I do” but also said he had a hairpiece. Walters gave it a solid tug and confirmed its authenticity.

trump barbara walters hair tug gif

So there you have it: The Donald’s hair seems to be real. And as long as Trump continues to draw headlines every time he answers that question, we’ll likely hear about it again before the next Republican debate.

Real estate tycoon Donald Trump participates in the Republican presidential primary debate on August 6, 2015 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. AFP PHOTO / MANDEL NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)