Happy Groundhog Day! Here’s some stuff to do this week while you try to remember the last time spring came in February, which don’t even bother because the answer is never and the next six weeks are the worst (except for all the cool events I’m going to tell you about, starting right now).

[Photo credit: Garland Cannon/Creative Commons]

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1. Monday, Feb. 3 – Herbie Hancock
John Hancock? Herbie Hancock. The jazz legend is in town to take over as Harvard’s 2014 Norton Lecturer, a post previously held by T.S. Eliot, Leonard Bernstein, and John Cage. The first in a series of six classes on the ethics of jazz, Monday’s lecture covers “The Wisdom of Miles Davis.” If peeing your pants in a lecture about Miles Davis is cool, consider me Miles Davis. (4 p.m., FREE, all ages) more details

2. Monday, Feb. 3 – “The Pretty One”
See this upcoming independent film way before it even gets to New York and LA (suck on that, New York and LA!) You can watch the trailer but it’s about twins, and there’s a mix-up followed by much soul-searching and revelations about the nature of identity, plus Nick from “New Girl” is involved and he’s just delightful. (7:30 p.m., $10, rated R) more details

3. Monday, Feb. 3 – Immortal Technique
The independent hip-hop artist and producer (born Felipe Coronel) comes to Berklee’s Cafe 939 to talk about his incredible journey. Born in Peru, he emigrated to Harlem, did some time in prison, gained popularity as a battle rapper, released a few albums, wrote a book and gave a talk that was featured in an Internet events preview of some notoriety. Talk about “started from the bottom now we here”! (1 p.m., FREE, all ages) more details

4. Tuesday, Feb. 4 – Scott Kirsner
The Startup Institute’s “Important People, Honest Conversations” series welcomes prominent speakers from Boston’s tech ecosystem. February’s guest is Boston Globe Innovation Economy columnist Scott Kirsner. I hope one day someone calls me an important person. Or at least has an honest conversation with me (about how important I am). (6:30 p.m., FREE, 21+) more details

5. Tuesday, Feb. 4 – East Somerville is for Lovers
East Somerville: Lots of great restaurants, still mostly hipster-free, and just the right amount of crime where it’s kind of gritty and keeps the rent down but you still feel pretty safe. (It’s like the Goldilocks of crime.) Tuesday’s East Somerville Main Streets’ event starts off with a wine tasting, followed by free appetizers, live music and a round of speed dating at the bar. Which is the best kind of dating to do at the bar, at least if you don’t want to waste the whole night while some guy talks your ear off about his popular Internet events columns. (6 p.m., FREE, 21+) more details

6. Tuesday, Feb. 4 – Brazilian Girls
Just to get this out of the way, nobody in the band is from Brazil, but who wants to go see a band called “Three Dudes and One German-Irish Girl.” They describe their sound as “Grace Jones, Blondie, Sugar Cubes, and Astrud Gilberto having a party.” Which to me just sounds like Blondie having a party with three strangers but that’s probably why I won’t make it to the show at Brighton Music Hall. (9 p.m., $15, 18+) more details

7. Wednesday, Feb. 5 – A Story We Share
This new exhibition at the Massachusetts Archives Building, curated by three Boston Arts Academy students, displays works by local artists celebrating Black history and culture in Massachusetts. The opening reception features live music from Charger, a group of BAA students. (6 p.m., FREE, all ages) more details

8. Wednesday, Feb. 5 – Ethan Zuckerman
The MIT Media Lab researcher talks about his new book, in which he attempts to explain why “the technological ability to communicate with someone does not inevitably lead to increased human connection.” I don’t know, the couples on those eHarmony commercials look pretty happy. Have you considered that, Ethan Zuckerman? Maybe get off the Tinder and try eHarmony, then see if you still blame the Internet for all your problems. (7 p.m., FREE, all ages) more details