twitter chatter

No matter how jaded the Internet has made you, there’s nothing more entertaining than entertainers in their golden years trying to keep up with the times…or, at least, hiring ad agencies that attempt to do the same thing.

In the same way that young adults sigh as they explain that a hashtag isn’t indicating the beginning of a phone number, many official Twitter accounts are littered with older public figures misunderstanding the technology. Choose your poison with these out of touch names:

#1) The NRCC is #OnFleek.
First, a special treat from the NRCC (National Republication Convention Committee) Twitter feed, in which they explain exactly how many eyebrow waxings could be purchased with Obama’s new budget proposal.





The choice to put the #OnFleek, teenage slang for “on point” hashtag in a cool, accessible handwritten font really is the finishing touch. Give me a well-groomed brow over presidential policy any day, does that make me a Republican?

2. Joe Biden tweets a picture of himself and pizza.





Joe makes sure that everyone can see that the boxes he’s carrying are labeled “Hot Delicious.”

3. Bill Clinton engaging with Stephen Colbert on Twitter.





Ever have those days where you think, “Yeah, I could invite Bill Clinton to my neighbor’s rager and be cool with it”?

4. Tara Reid attempting to engage with her fans on Twitter.
Points for the apology, but seriously, Tara, do NOT go making food recommendations like that.

5. This selfie.


Found a friend to join my first selfie on Instagram. Thanks for following and stay tuned. –VP

A photo posted by Vice President Joe Biden (@vp) on

We get it, you guys hang out.

6. Dictators taking selfies, the least chill form of selfie known to man.   Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 12.13.33 PM

7. Being so out of touch that you have staff photographers taking picture of you taking selfies. 

Come ON, Michelle.

8. Almost anything Jim Carrey says on Twitter.





Wow, yes, very scary, thank you Truman. I can’t tell if these strange faces are him trying to stay on trend or if he’s actively rejecting the emoji revolution.

Guys, we’re not asking you to get hip, we’re just asking you to stop trying, okay? Except you, Tara Reid, never stop eating those cheeseburgers.