At 22, New Hampshire-based Lukas Goudreault may still be a young buck, but his resume includes being a founding member and former lead guitarist of The New Highway Hymnal, a yelping twanger at the front of The Migs, and a cosmic 12-string plucker for psych-studs MMOSS. After huddling in a cabin outside of Portsmouth, Goudreault is now releasing his debut solo album, “Lazy Life,” under the name Soft Eyes. Being such a learned freak, it seemed only appropriate that Goudreault give us a mid-week playlist featuring songs by artists who are most famous for being in bands, but who also released some awesome solo recordings. He believes that these songs are best listened to alone, but he also includes some additional instructions.

“Lazy Life” is comprised of 12 crispy tracks that live up to the project’s name. These songs have vintage mystique, heightened by stiff analog tranquility and wispy vocals. Listen deeper for more calculated contributions, though. Goudreault has never been one to shred anyone’s face off with his guitar style. Instead, he squeaks in interesting riffs that make a world of difference, especially in the layered productions of psychedelic music. These might include incorporating a tingly layer of farfisa, adding a slight country feel with some small hints of harmonica, or dancing around his guitar with muted basslines. He has a sophisticated approach to a music style that only its true students can reproduce. Check out “Lazy Life,” out now on Under the Gun Records.

1. Jerry Garcia – “The Wheel”
“Jerry’s first solo LP is as good as any Dead record. Posi-vibes all around on this tune with cosmic pedal steel slides.”

2. David Crosby – “Laughing”
“Solo CROZ, spooky harmonies, and a backing band consisting of Joni Mitchell and The Dead . You will find yourself frozen inside this jam.”

3. John Cale – “Bring It On Up”
“Velvets-less John Cale makes boogie rock ‘n’ roll with out the feedback and drones. A perfect song for sweeping a floor.”

4. Chris Bell – “I Got Kinda Lost”
“Big Star’s creator keeps doin’ the same thing. Smoke a J bone to this one.”

5. George Harrison – “Party Seacombe”
“Lazy underwater guitars and Alien vocals. The best Beatle bathes you in sonic joy, blissed out and far out.”

6. Mayo Thompson – “The Lesson”
“Mayo Thompson rules.”

7. Bobby Whitlock – “Country Life”
“This dude howled all over Derek and the Dominos album ‘Layla.’ An anthem for any country boy/girl.”

8. Syd Barrett – “Wined and Dined”
“Syd will always be here to help the freaks feel whole. Mellow vibes to center us.”