Tired of going to the same old Halloween party every single year?  You know the one: silly decorations (plastic spiders and bats), bowls of candy corn, orange and black streamers, “Monster Mash,” jungle juice, basic costumes, bogus themes, pumpkin beer, and on and on.  Well, luckily, I’m here to help.  This October 31, throw your own party and forget trying to be spooky.  Here are some music and theme pointers to take your Halloween party to sinister levels.

Step 1: Music
As good as “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” is, forget those novelty songs. Set this playlist to shuffle and crank it up if you want to send shivers down people’s spines.

Step 2: Themes

“The Silence of the Lambs” Party
Costume Ideas:

-Hannibal Lecter: jumpsuit; cannibal-prevention mask; Katharine Hepburn/Truman Capote accent; slicked back, thinning hair

-Agent Clarice Starling: large green blazer; matching pants; white shirt; slight Southern drawl

-Buffalo Bill: the skin of multiple women; a tapestry; lipstick; eyeliner


-Human liver

-Fava Beans

-A nice Chianti

Party Games:

-How Fast Can You Remove a Man’s Face?

-Who Kidnapped the Senator’s Daughter?

’70s/’80s Slasher Movie Party
Costume Ideas:

-Just a big sweater




-The kooky old man

-Clan of psychotics/cannibals/Texans


-A beer



Party Games:

-Final Girl!

-Revenge of the Formerly Tormented Teen

-How to Marinade a Person

“Rosemary’s Baby” Party
Costume Ideas:

-Rosemary: pixie haircut; pregnant; big blue nightgown; waif-ish


-The Castevets: dress like an old person from the ’60s; act extremely irritating; have a sinister air beneath everything you do or say


-Tannis root

-Chocolate Mousse

-Raw meat

Party Games:

-My Husband or the Devil?

-Unravel That Anagram!

Hitchcock Party
Costume Ideas:

-Norman Bates/His Mother: sweater; slacks; nice shoes; dress; wig; large knife

-Marion Crane: blood-streaked shower curtain

-The Birds: feathers; beak; wings

-Icy Blonde: blonde hair; impeccable dress; cigarettes; mysterious backstory



-Bird food

Party Games:

-Cross-dressing Fashion Show

-Get the Blood Off of the Floor


“The Exorcist” Party
Costume Ideas:

-Regan: vomit-covered nightgown; head that is able to spin around; ability to speak in strange tongues

-Father Damien Karras: priest’s clothes; crucifix; holy water; a great sense of doubt

-Chris MacNeil: dress like an actress; frazzled and stressed out


-Green bean soup

-Holy water in juice packs

Party Games:

-Hide the Crucifix

-3-2-1 Exorcism!

Get Creative!
Choose your own favorite sinister movie, novel, or TV series and make it happen! You have the power to deliver people from mediocre scares.